Our Club was founded in 2008 by Jack Dunn, Ron Diamond and John Jung.  John who recently retired from Alfa Insurance got his private pilots license in 2003 from the Aeroclub at Maxwell Air Force Base.  That club no longer exists. Ron got his private pilots license in 2007 at what was then South Star Aviation at Montgomery Regional Airport.  In 2007 while John and Ron were working on completing their instrument rating they invested in Cessna N64892 becoming co-owners with Jack Dunn.

In 2008 Ron Diamond and John Jung approached Jack Dunn with the idea that perhaps the time was right to incorporate the plane, Cessna N64892 into a club and offer member ownership opportunities to up to ten pilots in an effort to help make flying more affordable.  The plane is a 1982 172P with a brand new Lycoming 180HP engine, new cruise propeller, new windshield, new glareshield, new leather interiors, etc.   All in all about the only thing left on the plane from its 1982 incarnation is the skin and the frame!

When John and Ron decided to approach Jack in 2008 about forming a flying club the Montgomery area at the time had no other flying clubs available and to this day the Jack Dunn Flying Club is the only one.  It was decided that this idea would give our pilot friends a chance to become member owners and give all of us a chance to support each other's flying endeavors with social, education, safety and other flight related activities in a more affordable environment.

In 2011 our club lost its dearest friend and mentor Captain Jack Dunn and shortly after decided to honor him by renaming the club The Jack Dunn Flying Club.  You can read more about Jack and his relationship to the club and its members on his tribute page.

Since 2008 when the club began our wonderful plane has been totally transformed.  About the only thing left of the original is the frame and skin. ‚ÄčIt has been completely repainted, most all the gauges replaced, a brand new Garmin 530 with WAAS installed among the other major items listed in the first paragraph above.  

In 2013 we had the seats rebuilt, the interiors from the ceiling to the floor redone in two tone leather and also flew the plane to Kansas where a brand new Lycoming 180HP engine was installed.  We feel our plane is as close to a brand new condition as can possibly be achieved.

All you have to do is take one look at our trusty bird to know that we love our plane.  We not only keep it in tip top shape and ready to fly, but we also keep itspotlessly clean and as close to showroom condition as is possible.

Club History