John Jung   (Joined in June 2008)
I am retired and enjoying this phase of my life. I was employed in both the manufacturing and financial services segments of our economy. I came to flying relatively late in life, receiving my private license in 2003 while training with the Aero Club at Maxwell AFB. I hold an instrument rating for both single engine land and twin engine land aircraft. I have over 750 hours logged and look forward to many more years of flying. 

Jason Thornton   (Joined in May 2009) 
Serves as an officer in the Montgomery Police Department.  Jason got involved in the club early on and was one of the first member owners to join when it became available in 2008.  Jason carries both a private and an instrument certification.

Derek Pysher   (Joined in August 2009)
Is a major real estate developer around the country and works to acquire properties for providing affordable housing and build up and beautify old neighborhoods.  Derek carries a private certification.

Duane Taylor   (Joined in October 2009)
Duane is retired from a 34-year federal career as a USAF civilian and currently serves as the Aircraft Maintenance Officer for the Jack Dunn Flying Club. A certified private and instrument pilot with tailwheel, complex, and high performance endorsements, he has been flying for over 60 years and has logged over 2,300 hours. 

Michelle Goodwyn   (Joined in 2010)
I’m a practicing Dentist in Montgomery since 1991.  Married to Philip with two children.  Obtained Private Pilot certificate in 2012 and Instrument rating in 2014.  Enjoys flying to the Alabama Coast for long weekends, and local flying with pilot friends!

Marty Redden   (Joined in 2011)
Is a computer consultant.  Marty carries a private certification. Marty is currently working on his instrument rating.

Tim Skinner   (Joined in 2012) 
Tim has recently retired.  He carries a private certification.  Tim is currently working on his instrument rating.

Marty Arant   (Joined in May 2014)
I’m the holder of a commercial pilot license, with instrument and multi-engine ratings, and over 1,000 hours in my logbook.  My current “retired job” as a flight simulation marketing consultant gives me the opportunity to travel worldwide and meet other pilots and aviation enthusiasts.  When I’m not flying for real, I’m flying every type of aircraft imaginable in my X-Plane flight simulator.

Gil Steindorff   (Joined in October 2014
I’m a 650+ hour Private SEL pilot with IFR rating and complex endorsement. A retired banker joined JDFC in 2014. Started flying lessons in high school and finished training after college and first job.

Diego Garcia  (Joined in January 2016)
Bio on Diego will be posted shortly.

Hawkins Thomas   (Joined in August 2016)
Bio on Hawkins will be posted shortly.

Lee Harrison   (Joined in January 2017)
Bio on Lee will be posted shortly.

The Jack Dunn Flying Club wishes to utilize this wonderful airplane much more.  In order to make flying more attractive and affordable to new member owners we recently split our stock to expand to a potential 20 members.  We felt this was possible because so many of our current member owners travel many months out of the year making the plane more accessible.

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