‚ÄčThe Jack Dunn Flying Club is organized to provide its member owners a convenient means to fly at the most economical rates to be found in a club setting.

We strive to run a club that has safety and education as it relates to flying as a top priority for its member owners.

We offer our member owners an exceptionally kept and well equipped aircraft that any member owner would be proud to own and to fly!


The Jack Dunn Flying Club offers its member owners the opportunity to keep on top of flying safely and safety issues relevant to the flying community.  

We offer six safety meetings for members to attend during the year.  The meeting topics are decided upon by the membership and each member owner has the opportunity to research and study the topic before the meeting date so they can contribute to the conversation.

This meeting style permits those who may have to miss a meeting to still have a chance to know the topic and have input into the meeting even though they are absent.

Safety meeting are held every other month, mid month on a Tuesday from 1700 to around 1830 hours.

There are many safety programs online available for pilots to study and many websites available on aviation safety including the much recommended AOPA air safety institute.  Though the FAA WINGS program pilots can gain continuing education on many aviation topics which count towards their Bi-Annual Flight Review.


There are many opportunities for member owners to keep their skill sets up with the club. 

AOPAs wings program offers all pilots the most advance online certified FAA recognized programs on a tremendous amount of topics of interest in aviation.  We encourage all our member owners to get involved with the educational opportunities AOPA offers as to be willing to share your new found knowledge with member owners in the club.

The Jack Dunn Flying Club currently three approved flight instructors available to member owners who can offer new flight training, new rating training and preparation, bi-annual flight reviews, ground schooling, etc.   New student pilots who buy into member ownership can bring their own instructor to the club for approval or can ask one of our currently approved instructors to be your flight instructor.

All of this in the comfort and convenience of your own plane.

We have many levels of experience and training among the member owners of the club and each and every one of them are willing, able and happy to help you with your educational endeavors in flying and maintaining great pilot habits.  As safety pilots any one of our private and/or instrument rating pilots are happy to help you find answers and fly with you when you need someone who can help you brush up on your skills or flight currency.

Bottom line is no matter where you are in you flying hobby it is really great to not have to tackle the educational elements alone.  Having a club atmosphere with like minded member owners who want to help each other be better pilots through friendship and support is the best combination money can buy!